1. What do we need for you to confirm your assistance to our wedding? I require a payment in advance minimum of 20 thousand pesos (MXN) to be able to block the date, along with the contract and the data sheet. If this is not delivered I cannot promise you anything. 

  2. What happens if our wedding is outside Mexico? I would love to assist to your wedding! For destination weddings a different rates is used which includes transportation, accommodation and food expenses.

  3. What happens if i change my wedding date?  If this happens, let me know with anticipation for me to be able to go.

  4. What if i cancel my wedding?  I´d be sorry to hear that! Sadly, if there was any payment made it cannot be returned to you, because i already blocked that date to work with you, committing not to work with anyone else that day. 

  5. Could you stay extra hours at the wedding ? Of course! The additional hour has a value of $ 3,500 pesos. 

  6. How long do you keep the photos after you deliver them to us? One year after your wedding

  7. Right now we don't know if i want the photobook, would it be possible for us to buy it after we marry? Sure!

  8. Why don't you give us the photos without editing? A photo without editing is not a finished product! The editing of the photos allows me to leave my style on each photo, improve the quality, light and contrast in each one of them.

  9. How much do you edit our photos? All of my photos have an editorial retouch  and adjustment of white balance. Therefore, if you are going to upload a picture to any social network, i would highly appreciate for you to not apply extra filters.

  10. If I want you to retouch my belly, modifY my makeup, remove my uncle which everybody hates, etc ... Could you do it? I portrait to people with the incredible and special qualities that they have. I never do extra retouches to people´s faces/bodies or changes in the environment. If you would like a special order, I could do it, with a cost of $ 250 pesos per photo.

  11. How will you know which are the members of my family and whom to shoot? Two weeks before the wedding, I´ll send you a questionnaire to know a little about your family, special friends and details i cannot forget.  

If you have any questions I didn't mention on these page feel free to ask!

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